Regarding organ transplant Laws in medical tourism

  • Many medical tourism destinations offer quality medical tourism facilities including organ transplant procedures. This has provided an opportunity to people who need to go under this medical procedure to stay healthy and fit. Not all medical tourism destinations allow such procedures in their countries. Some countries see this procedure as a charity and allow their people to avail these treatments. India is one among top three medical tourism destinations in Asia, and the world. It offers excellent medical tourism facilities to people across the world. Top surgeons of the country are able to offer advanced transplant treatments to people.

    Different countries have different rules and laws regarding organ or tissue transplant. Major countries that offer quality transplant procedures are India, Malaysia, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

    Purchasing and selling of an organ is illegal in the country. The main motive of this law is to control the illegal organ trafficking. Special government permission is required in case a person want to buy an organ from a local person. Close friends of a recipient can donate their organs without any permission from the government body.