Kerala that occupies 38.855 square kilometers of attention-grabbing beauty, prosperous ethnicity and prehistoric civilization is one of the smallest states of India. It is the land of enchantment that is bounded by the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. Kerala is the only state in southern India which is nurtured by the fragrance of its sandalwood and spices. Evidently Kerala, is a land of immense natural beauty and offers undulating stretches of lush green forests generously sprinkled with gurgling waterfalls, colorful blooms, animals and chirping birds.

Kerala takes delight in possessing numerous spiritual customs and familiar arts like: Kerala Natanam, Thullal which are typical of human civilization. Hinduism is the main religion however because religious acceptance is considered to be the most dear legacy that Kerala upholds, it is also equally subjugated by other religions and customs. Kerala invites thousands of visitors each year as it provides pleasant hospitality with superior services set in splendid ambience without any compromise on excellence or individuality. Planning your holidays - honeymoon, vacation or medical in some of the exclusive hotels in Kerala can make your cherished memories last a lifetime.

Come and experience all the celestial beauty of nature residing in hotels in Kerala that are intentionally situated to help you familiarize the opulence of the magnificence of nature.